A series 16t (Four wheel)


A series 16t (Four wheel) class=

Hydraulic System

The system is equipped with electro-hydraulic proportional sectional valve of world-renowned brand, silent gear pump, pilot electric control handle, and AC oil pump motor. The load sensing hydraulic system reduces continuous load on oil pump motor; the remote electric control operating mode is simple, easy, and flexible.

Braking System

The system is equipped with Poclain hydraulic brake valve, multi-plate wet travel brake and spring action, and hydraulic release caliper disc parking brake system.

Steering System

The system is equipped with horizontally placed oil cylinder steering axle of single dual-action oil cylinder, features fully hydraulic power steering, steering priority, with load sensing function, and can realize easy steering.


The cabin is integrated and fully enclosed. Four-point rubber vibration-reducing connection of the cab can reduce vibration, and its tippable structure that is available for both electric and manual operations is convenient for daily maintenance.