A Series 3.0/5.0t Electric Tow Tractor


A Series 3.0/5.0t Electric Tow Tractor class=


Electric power steering is standard specification, which provides flexible operation.

Powered by AC traction motor not only has good acceleration and climbing performance, but also low heat, brushless, maintenance-free.


The pedal applies shock absorption design, greatly improve the operator’s comfort, reduce the fatigue.

Backrest height can be adjusted within a certain range, and the backrest with hip support can greatly improve the comfort of the operator.

The inching switches installed at the LH/RH side, greatly improve the ease of operation.


3-pivot and side support bar system design ensure the safe and reliability.

Sideway battery change is standard specification, fixed in safe and reliable way.


Automatic deceleration during turning.

Pedal has a safety switch, which can effectively prevent mis-operation.


Full opened hood, easy accessibility of all components, is easy for service.

All shafts are equipped with shaft sleeve and oil cup, easy maintenance, prolong service life.